Hey there. Welcome to Internetly. 

On Urban Dictionary, “Internetly” means by use of the internet. 

It’s kind of charming how the term “Internetly” was coined over 17 years ago. If only Kyle Furfaro knew what they were in for.  They’d have no idea.

Today, there’s almost nothing we don’t use the internet for. It’s become so synonymous in fact that if we did have to state it explicitly, it would be pretty weird.

While the internet is ubiquitous, few are cognizant of its untapped potential.

And even fewer people know how to use the internet to their advantage.

Ever since I treated the internet like the world’s greatest resource, my life has somersaulted in a new direction.

I used to walk through life on eggshells, believing there was a singular delicate path one could follow. As a 20-something, I half-heartedly committed to the music industry, thinking to myself that if I had to “get a job,” music would be a noble field to commit to.

But life isn’t so black-and-white anymore, thanks to the internet.

I went from endless rejection and self-deprecating LinkedIn binges to companies asking me to work with them. I now make a full-time living as a freelance writer and absolutely love what I do.

It’s not as though I absorbed a new superpower or increased my IQ overnight (although, I wish). I simply started to use the internet to my advantage.

And now, this newsletter is dedicated to teaching you how to do the same.

So, here’s what you can expect.

Content Diet

You are what you eat, and you think what you scroll.

The media you consume has a direct effect on the way you live your life. You don’t notice it, as it buzzes in the digital background in perpetuity.

Yet by being aware of the content enveloping you, you can curate your virtual environment with fascinating and information-rich sources rather than fast-food dopamine snacks (see below).

I’m hyper-aware of what I consume, and each week I’ll share the best things I found and send them your way in this newsletter.

Freelancing Journey

I’m in my first year of freelancing, which is synonymous with “Wait, am I doing this right?”

While I’ve had some incredible successes, I’ve also experienced some gnarly screwups. Like, screwups that have cost me thousands and thousands of dollars.

Not fun.

I’ll be sharing what I learn so you can avoid making the same mistakes I do. Save yourself from the same embarrassment I’ve faced, mkay?

On Becoming a Prolific Creator

Most importantly, this newsletter will send you lessons on how you can switch from a passive consumer to an active creator.

If there’s one rule I live and die by, it’s that one.

I’ll write on how you can become a prolific creator, show up every day, and let your creativity take the reins.

Creation is to go against the gravity of the internet, and it’s no easy feat. Yet if you’re able to resist mindless consumerism, I strongly believe you can change your entire life.

I’ll dedicate a good portion of my newsletter to giving you the courage to push through and just create already.

This is the newsletter I wish existed when I was trying to find my way in life.

I look forward to us going on this journey together and figuring it out as we go. ❤️