We’re On Earth For a Spectacular and Brief Moment | Internetly Vol. 8

On the destiny of the universe, gaining 10K followers a week on Instagram, and submitting a proper project proposal.

Hi there,

On Tuesday I accidentally catapulted myself into existential dread. I watched a video on Youtube titled “Timelapse of the Future: A Journey into the End of Time.”

Thirty seconds into the timelapse, everything we’ve ever known and everyone we’ve ever loved disappears into the cosmic abyss. If that wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, the video has the most chaotic soundtrack. I looked up the soundtrack and I kid you not, it has titles like “Wither Away”, “Afterlife”, and “City of Ghosts”.

After the 29-minute video came to a merciful end, I scrolled the video’s comments to see if any fellow mortals felt petrified by our inevitable demise. One comment amongst the rest stood out:

“Don't watch this and feel small, watch this and feel grateful to be a part of something so big.”

It’s a refreshing twist in perspective. If we can look past the fear the expanse of the universe evokes, it reveals something incredulous. It is an actual miracle we’re even here.

As mentioned in the video,

“Our universe gives life only a brief moment to shine - a haven in time, safe from its fiery birth and icey death. The arrow of time creates a bright window in the universe’s adolescence during which life is possible.

But it’s a window that doesn’t stay open for long.

As a fraction of the lifespan of the universe, as measured from its beginning, to the evaporation of the last black hole, life as we know it is only possible for one thousandth of a billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billionth of a percent.”

It’s so many zeros that if I were to type it out it would take up a few paragraphs. Absolutely bonkers.

We’re on earth for a spectacular and brief moment. Our existence is a blip in time.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, find gratitude. How special is it that we’re here in this statistically impossible moment?

🖼 On Becoming a Prolific Creator

This Week: How to Gain 10k Followers a Week on Instagram

Maybe you despise social media. Maybe you find it enthralling.

Either way, it’s a tool. And how you decide to use it is up to you.

As creators, we can’t really launch a successful business or acquire clients without maintaining a social media presence. It blows, but it is what it is.

This video I found on Youtube includes some brilliant techniques on how to grow your following on Instagram. It’s from 2019, but it’s so good that it applies to both to 2021 and applies to other social media platforms.

It’s 49-minutes long yet I promise it’s worth every minute. But if you’re on those busy-bees who would rather be spoon-fed the takeaways…well then, I’m here for you.

Main Takeaways:

  1. The algorithm on any social media platform rewards users who use the app’s latest features. For instance:

    Instagram ➡️ Reels

    YouTube ➡️ Shorts

    Twitter ➡️ Spaces

    Learn how to use these new features so the algorithm is more incentivized to distribute your content.

  2. Your content should follow AIDA.

    AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action.

    When a user finds your content, ensure you capture their attention within the first second. It needs to be absolutely magnetizing.

    Then develop interest by showing them why they should care.

    Explain what it’ll look like if they go with your option to evoke desire.

    Finally, include a call to action. “Subscribe below” or “sign up to my newsletter” are relevant examples.

  3. Make your content format a “quick win”. When people are scrolling, they are looking for bite-sized dopamine snacks. Short stories, videos, tiny tweets, etc. If you’re writing out your content and feel yourself taking a breath or needing to put down a comma, break up the content. Don’t make it long-form.


To grow on any social media platform, use the platform’s latest features, follow AIDA, and make sure your content is in a “quick-win” format. 🔊

🥒 Content Diet

Each week, 1-3 resources to help stimulate your noggin.

I. Life is a Series of Moments in The Courage to be Disliked

We think about life linearly.

In this regard, we’re akin to an ill-equipped backpacker hiking Mt. Everest. The top of the mountain holds something different for everyone. A certain job salary or title. A destined romantic relationship. A lofty educational goal.

We climb in perpetuity. Once we reach what we thought was the top, we realize there’s more to the mountain than we thought. We can never be satisfied.

Instead, we must see life as a series of dots that make up the line, suggests the book The Courage to be Disliked.

“These dots are series of moments called ‘now’. We can live only here and now. Our lives only exist in moments.

Adults who do not know this attempt to impose linear lives onto young people. Their thinking is that staying on the conventional tracks - good university, big company, stable household - is a happy life.

But life is not made up of lines.”

It’s important to take a step back and recognize we might be trekking but there is no destination. We don’t stay put in one place (I mean, growth is what makes up the human experience!) but there is no set destination.

Let the absence of an ultimate goal free you.


Life is a series of moments, not a destination. 🗻

✍🏼 Freelancing Journey

This Week: The Importance of Sending a Proper Proposal

This is a kinda obvious one. But for any newbie freelancers reading this, let me introduce you to what a project proposal is.

A project proposal is what’s gonna make you look like you totally know what you’re doing as a freelancer.

This resource on how to write a proposal as a freelance copywriter from Copy Hackers is one of my favorite resources. It’s super informational and walks you through everything you need to know.

I use a project proposal half as a sales page and half as a legal document. It lays out my expected rate, the scope of work, payment requirements, all that jazz. But a project proposal also works as a sales pitch. It explains why a client should work with you. You sprinkle in some glowing reviews, proven results, and previous experience. When you map out these strong suits, you’re in a better position to request a higher rate.

And hey. More money is always a good thing.


A proper project proposal gives you the confidence to raise your rates as a freelancer. 💸

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